Big Game Sea Fishing


BIG GAME Sea fishing on Adriatic sea

BIG GAME is special way of fishing on the biggest sea fishes. In this particular case the boat is pulling the weight that float about 3 foot above the sea bed. On the rope we hooked the special designed hook for big fish and if the rope start fast sliding through make sure that you are prepared for this experience. We have to mention the sorts of the fish that you can catch in southern Adriatic. Otrant door to the mediterenian sea is very close so you can catch sword fish, tuna, fly fish, grey shark allong with the big dent fish of as well huge red and grey snaper. The main bait for this type of fishing are syntetical baits including live small fish and callamari peaces. And the end of story you really should come down on our boat, enjoy in beautyfull coast of montenegro and try yourself in BIG GAME. We have the word: WHO COMES ONCE WILL COME BACK AGAIN!

Fishin boat "GALEX FISH" is the vesel that is commpletely equiped with all neccessery equipment for unforgetable experience that has been named us BIG GAME. On this boat you will find the state of the art equipment such is the latest fis finders, all necessery navigation systems and boat is specially equiped with custom made troling fishing sticks with the multiplicator devices that increase fishermens luck.

Fishing Offer

If you want to go fishing, we recomend you a boat with skipper, wich is also your instructor. One fishing day is 8 ours along = 500.00EUR. First catching fish belong to you, but the others stay on the boat. The boat is equipment by all stuff you need for the succesfull fishing, fishing rods and trolling reels, fish finder,GPS, radio station, etc. Our guide Sergio will be ready to bring you a lot of confort and excitement, and teach you how to fish biggest Adriatic sea fishes.


There is reut a boat opportunities for a cruissing Adriatic coast, swimming on the many beaches you have choich. Optimal number of persons with a guide is 5, but we can organised for the bigger group, if it neccesary.